The Trampoline Situation

So, my son has Aspergers which, for those of you who don’t know, is marked by (among other things) a lack of social skills. We’re at this trampoline place (we’ve been here a couple times. It’s pretty awesome) and there are WAAAAAAAY more people here than normal. After 15 minutes of bouncing, he comes and says he’s tired, has a knot in his stomach and wants to go home. As much as it hurt me to tell him this, I told him no. I made him wait a few minutes and go back in. I know he doesn’t want to but sometimes we all have to do things we don’t want to do. He’s not having a meltdown or an anxiety attack, so I think I made the right call. It just sucks because I know how awkward new social situations can be and I hate them myself, but part of being a parent is trying to make your kid a better person than you are.

After-note: he just can back from bouncing to get a drink of water, catch his breath and to tell me he was going back in. (Good call, me. Good call)


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