Still playing with it

Okay, So this is my second post now. I go to open this site, and I get instantly nauseous, so I may be doing this after getting my dutch courage up a bit for now. Hopefully this will wear off.(I’m not sure why, though. This thing is new enough nobody knows about it so no one is reading it. If i were to apply an logic to my insanity, I would be more relaxed now than when, if, I accrue any followers)


In this weeks post, I have finished all my schoolwork in an amazing 11th hour hail mary. Two and a half pages of work (single spaced), 5 responses to discussion board posts and a quiz. All this with time to spare to play a stupidly addicting online RPG. This week, and next week, are going to be focusing on correlation coefficients and reserch study designs. See also: everything I actually understood about statistics, but now that it’s actually being applied to m field, I don’t get a single word.


And of course, the pre-requisite mom\\daughter\girlfriend stuff peppered in there too.


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